| Reflection |


The month of October has flown by so fast and I just realized I don't have a Halloween costume or even Halloween plans. Anyways, that's beside the point. I am sitting here at home in my bed with Wolves by Selena Gomez & Marshmellow playing in the background thinking about what a crazy few months I've had. 

A few months ago I took a leap of faith and quit my job because I knew I wanted something greater. I was tired of sitting complacent and denying my desire for more. I reached a point where I believed I owed it to myself to take a risk & to seek something else. After multiple jobs interviews & no offers, I started to worry I made a mistake. The doubt in myself began to hover over me and made making any decision daunting because I was afraid I'd be wrong. A few weeks went by and I was then offered a part-time position helping a friend of mine manage her brand. I remember going back an forth about whether or not I wanted to do it. What if I did and it wasn't the right move? What if I don't and it could have been the best thing ever? 


I reached a decision that YES should be my response. Why not try!? Why not take a chance in this new role & see if I were cut out for it! Fast forward a few weeks and here I am, writing on my own blog because I was given the opportunity to take more time for myself, to enjoy the things I love, and to be challenged in my desires. I have had the opportunity to indulge more into photography which I love, I have had many opportunities to travel, I even been able to fuel my creativity/marketing skills. 

Many people may think I am living the life and other's may think I am foolish for not having a full-time 9-5 job. As for me, I am just happy & I feel alive in what I am doing. As for what's next? Who knows! I am taking it day by day and enjoying the ride!

p.s. if you are reading this I will be doing a NYC recap very soon but here are two pictures for the time being! 

stay true to you,
Scott Perez