12 Days of Winter Wardrobe Essentials | Day 7: Parkas

#7 Parkas


It snowed it Houston last night!! AHHHH! I am still freaking out & also super exhausted after staying out till 3 am playing in the snow, listening to Christmas music, & running around with my friend Chesney looks at lights. I have always loved the snow & many say it's because I don't have to live with it every day. Who knows maybe that's true but I hope to one day move to a place where it snows often to test that theory!

It's pretty funny because I planned on sharing today on the blog how it's important to have a parka for the winter. I wondered how I could justify this in Texas when just a few days ago I was sweating my butt off. Who would have known that I would get a snow day & get a pic with my parka with snow! AHHH love it! Anyways this is a prime example why it is important to have this in your closet because you never know what can happen, especially in Texas.

Anyways, this post is going to be pretty quick since 

1. I am exhausted from staying up late but up early to play in what's left of the snow.

2. I have a day full of shooting bloggers in Houston + my own shoot for content, 

3. Then I have a night out with an old high school friend who I miss dearly! AHH. Great weekend ahead!


Side note: Keep wishing & dreaming BIG! I wanted to see snow so bad this year & look what happened! AHHHH! 

Scott Perez