12 Days of Winter Wardrobe Essentials | Day 8 & 9: Boots / Socks

#8 & 9 Boots/Socks


This weekend has been a busy one & I have been a day behind on my 12 Days of Winter Wardrobe Essential so I decided to combine day 8 & 9 together since you wear them together anyway! One of my favorite things is wearing boots in the winter. I know you can wear them year round but something about the cold & boots with winter clothes makes me happy!

I love the dark brown look of the boots in the picture which are from a brand called Thursday Boots. One thing about these boots that I like is how comfortable they are to walk in. I wore these all day & even during two of photoshoots for fellow bloggers in Houston & my feet felt great! 

Side note: when I posted this picture on my Instagram I received a few questions on where I got my jeans from in the picture. These are actually an old pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans I've had since high school & I just cut the bottoms. I am thinking about a post I might make a tutorial or a step by step! Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your weekend & if you are looking for boots I have added a few of my favs below! Click on the photo to head to the site to shop! 

Scott Perez