ACL 2017

Last year was my first time to attend Austin City Limits (ACL) as well as my first time at a music festival. After day one I knew I was in love & I knew that this would be something I would continue to do throughout my life. Music is a huge part of me. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am always singing a song or humming a tune. It might be out of tune, but hey who is judging right.

I wanted to share some of my favorite performers from this year and also, some helpful festival tips!


Here are my top five essential tips for attending a music festival:

1. Group of friends: Make sure you have a fun solid group of friends to attend with because it makes for fun dances, jam sessions, & also the ability to split up & check out other stages.

2.Explore: Come early & wander around. Some of my favorite moments have been checking out an artist I've never heard of and finding new bands to listen to.

3. Pack Smart: I would make sure to bring with you a re-useable water bottle to fill up on water, sunscreen, a hat/bandana, pick up a festival schedule on site, and bring money for food/drinks.

4. Dress Comfortable: I know you've seen time and time again these awesome festival outfits & they are great! I encourage you though to dress however is comfortable to you & to check the weather before you go. I saw people in black pants & a flannel this weekend. I was shocked but who knows maybe they get cold easily.

5. Enjoy Yourself: Festivals are a fun time to relax, go with the flow, and be you. One of my favorite parts are the people & the energy. Everyone is there to enjoy great music, dance, & get a break from their busy lives. ENJOY YOURSELF! Don't care who is watching and bust a move to your favorite band. I mean sure you might end up as a meme on twitter, but hey, you had a blast & that's all that matters!


As I am writing this I am still trying to process the weekend. I am completely exhausted & my feet/legs hurt soooo much. It's 100% worth it. Don't get me wrong! This year I can say without a doubt that the girl bands came to rock! Not that I am surprised, but each one I saw put on a killer performance & had me dancing like crazy! If you have yet to listen to MUNA, JOSEPH, or THE ACES I encourage you to pull out whatever music source you use & listen...NOW!

It's so hard to narrow down my top shows. So many of the artist brought different things to the stage, but I would have to say these were my top ten! ( in no particular order)

1. Chance the Rapper

2. Muna

3. The Aces

4. The Head And The Heart

5. Jacob Banks

6. Milky Chance

7. James Vincent McMorrow

8. The Wild Now

9. The XX

10. The Killers

If you haven't listened to some of these or if you are preparing for weekend 2 of ACL. Check out my Spotify playlist with a few songs from the bands. Also, if you ever go to a festival please, please, please DRINK WATER. EAT. HAVE FUN!