Taking the First Step

I recently have been trying Care/Of Vitamins & they have been great! One of my favorite things about them is the packaging. As you can read on this one below it says "To take one step your body uses 200 muscles." This stopped me in my tracks. It's crazy because when I think about walking, taking one step is not a big deal but when it comes to decisions it can be huge. I can see why 200 muscles would come in to play in this scenario. I wanted to take the time to share a bit about my recent step to blog & encourage those who might be needing to use 200 muscles to take a step toward their next dream, goal, challenge, adventure, promotion, or etc.


For a year now I have seen people step into the world of blogging & I thought why not me. It included many things I enjoyed which were creativity, photography, connection, sharing, & communication. I will say writing was one of the biggest things that held me back in fear that I would be called out for a misspelled word or wrong sentence structure. Anyways, this year I have been learning how important the first step is & how taking that risk to move is AMAZING. I am learning that the fear of failing can't keep me still & the hope of my passions coming to life should be my driving factor. 

Here are some things that held me back from taking my step:

1. Comparision: I saw all these other people succeeding in this journey & you'd think it should encourage me that it's possible. Wrong. I kept seeing it as "I can never be like ______!" or "If only I could _____." This kind of thinking isn't going to get you moving! I have learned that we will always have someone doing it better than us but no one will ever be us. No one will see what I see, feel what I feel, or create what I do. I need to stay authentic to myself which will then outpour authenticity to others.

2. Failure: This word FAILURE has been a crippling factor in my life for years. I grew up with this pressure on myself to be the BEST, to be the COOLEST, to be the MOST LIKED, to be THE SMARTEST, & funny enough I never was. I learned recently that I failed in those areas because my metric of success was all wrong. Those things are fleeting & they can change in an instance. 

3. The Perfect Time: No matter how long you wait timing will never be perfect. There will always be some factor that will arrive & your fear will latch on to in order to keep you from working those 200 muscles in taking a step. 

4. Making sure I had everything right: I wanted to make sure I had everything right! The right name, the right insta aesthetic, the right voice, the right platform, etc. I wanted everything to be perfect when I realized it was all a distraction for taking a step. I decided to make decisions on things & who knows I may change in the future but right now they are in place & helping me in my steps. For example: I couldn't pick between using Squarespace or Wordpress. I pick Squarespace & it's been great! I've seen many other people use Wordpress & I went back and forth for a week when I realized I need to make a decision because it's holding me back. I can always change later so why wait!


I am sure you are wondering how the vitamins tie into this. I have found that one important factor in taking my first step has been my physical & mental health. The cool part about Care/Of vitamins is that the daily packages are tailored specifically to you & the goals you have in place for your body. I made sure my vitamins focused on energy, brain stimulation, stress levels, & my heart + I added in immunity since it's easy to get sick during the holidays. After a a month, I have found that I have more energy because I am having better sleep + I am finding myself being more focused & less distracted. I will say it was hard staying on track to take them since I am not used to taking vitamins. I did miss a few days but overall I think it was a success. I also made it a point to go outside & get fresh air. It's easy to get stuck on my laptop but once I was able to bring fresh air to my lungs & brain I found myself feeling rejuvenated & ready to take on more!


A few things I've learned in my first few steps:

1. Your true friends & family will support you: Stepping into journeys can be terrifying but having the right people behind you is important. I have learned how important it is to have people supporting you. Some ways I have seen it in my journey is I have a friend who shares ever blog post to give me more exposure, I have a mom who invites all her Facebook friends to like my page, I have a sister who comments & likes almost every Insta post, my dad asks me eveytime I see him how it's been going. Plus I have created a blogging community who shoots me texts saying "great post" or "love what you wrote today." It's those comments & actions that will keep you moving forward. Find those people in your life & hold them close +  thank them!

2. Expect hard work & set goals: Things aren't just going to fall into your lap. It's going to take hard work & determination to make your dreams/goals come true. I have been given the opportunity to see the backend of blogging so I was a bit prepared. However, you can prepare all you want but it will still be challenging once you start it. Don't let that stop you but keep pushing forward. I have also found that setting goals have helped me. I have set monthly goals for myself & I am slowly but surely reaching them!

3: Belief in yourself: There will be people who doubt you or will not believe in you. I encourage you to remain faithful in your capabilities. You can do this! I have done a few pep talks myself which have been very effective!

4. Celebrate your victories: This will keep you chasing after your goal if you remember the victories & celebrate them. My blog views this past month have grown significantly than last! I freaked out about this & praised myself for the hard work! Don't forget you're your own worst critic so remember to remind yourself of how far you've come! 

5. Don't Take Yourself to Serious: HAVE FUN!! LAUGH! That's truly the best medicine! 

*as always all opinions are my own and I encourage everyone to check them out & create your own! :) 

stay true to you,
Scott Perez