It's Bananas | w/ Banana Republic

2017 is almost over. Say what?? It seriously blows my mind how fast this year flew by, but I know I say that every year. This has been a very interesting year for me & one that was pretty unpredictable. If you were to ask me if I was going to launch a blog & begin working with some cool brands I would have told you that I'd love to. Deep down I would of thought...NO WAY!

There has been a lot of change since the beginning of the year. I have grown a lot & have taken many risks which have brought growth, tears, sweat, & new opportunities. I have learned so much about myself & those around me. I pushed myself to no longer live in a state of what if, but a mindset of why not! I realized who was for me & who supported me in things I hoped for in myself. I can't thank them enough for challenging me & sticking behind me. I am excited to jump into 2018 with new goals & new engery. plus a new styligh look hahah.

I am super excited to close out 2017 with a brand I have loved for a long time. I am a huge Banana Republic fan mainly because I love their chino pants & the fit. I literally only wore those at my old job. I seriously could buy one pair, in multiple colors & wear them so many times before they even began to fade. Another reason the Banana Republic is one of my favorites is that they offer so many great staple/classic pieces that you can wear for so long & throughout the seasons. I truly am humbled to be able to share this winter look with you guys & can't thank the Banana Republic enough for the opportunity. 

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpg


First off, like your career, you start at the bottom so I figured I'd share the boots. These guys were a hit on my latest Instagram & I 100% see why. I can't get enough. Not only because they are my first pair of Chelsea boots, but the buckle is a nice touch to help someone turn back & double take your shoe game. I highly recommend these boots because the comfort level is amazing & I have been rocking them multiple days in a row.

I'll be honest and say that pants weren't my typical pant options since I tend to try & go for a more tailored. The pants I normally rock fit throughout the whole leg while this pair allowed for more room at the hip & thigh then tapered as it went down. After putting them on & wearing them for a while I loved them because it allowed me to breathe more yet still remaining tight at the bottom. I like to roll my pants with my boots which you can see in the photo. 

VSCO Cam-12-1.jpg
VSCO Cam-11-1.jpg
VSCO Cam-9-1.jpg

The banded collar is....AHHMAZING! I have always wanted to try to rock one of these shirts & I love this one. Not only the color but the texture is super breathable yet fits very slim. It's light enough to where you can wear a jacket over it but thin enough for you to wear it on a hotter day. I have already worn this shirt for multiple things & actually even considered doing a post about...we shall see. There are two things I want to point out about the jacket other than the fact that it's stylish & water resistant. It has a packable hood for you to protect that nice styled hair of yours & it has so many pockets. I love the four button-flap pockets but it even has the easy front slide in pockets. The weather in Texas has been pretty gross the past few days & I have been rocking this bad boy. The color just pops especially during the gloomy/ rainy days. I love this whole look together but I enjoy it because each piece stands on its own & can be used with so many different things! 

VSCO Cam-16.jpg

Jacket | Shirt | Pants | Boots

Yall on a serious note...I can't wait for 2018! I am excited to see where this crazy journey takes me & also what yall have planned! Let me know in the comments below what goals or dreams you have set for 2018! 

*I want to thank Banana Republic for sponsoring this post and as always all opinions are my own

Don't forget to stay true to you,
Scott Perez