Kick Your Feet Up & Relax

Yesterday it hit me how much I have been doing lately and how little time I have had to rest & kick my feet up. This encouraged me to write a post about some of the ways I have found rest in the past & use it as a way to remind myself + encourage others in steps to recharge. So here are some tips I have done in the past & hope to continue moving forward.

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1. Unplug: Truthfully, as sad as it sounds this one is hard. I think mainly because a lot of what I am doing lately involves social media and technology. However, the times that I have unplugged I have felt so much pressure lifted from me. I am not sure if it's work pressure or the pressure of being the best you to everyone scrolling. Hmmm, something I'll have to think about.

2. Nap/Be Still: For some people napping is not an option which I understand...kind of. I mean napping is always an option if I can make it happen but I believe finding time to sit still & not being moving is so good for you. It allows for your body to rest & relax from the everyday routine.

3. Breathing Exercises: A few month ago I was starting my morning with breathing exercises and I must say they helped me out a ton! It truly started my day off on the right foot & allowed me to take on the day ahead will less stress & anxiousness.

4. Laugh: This will look different for everyone but laughing is so great when I need to relax. I personally will turn on an episode of Will & Grace or hang out with friends because that refuels me. I need laughter every day or something seems to be missing!


Let me know in the comments below some of the things you do to relax! 

Remember to always stay true to you,
Scott Perez