10 Things About Me

I want to start this post off by thanking you for reading & following along. Since I started this journey in October I have been blown away by the support and love people have shown for the things I have created & shared. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Since I have some new people following along I figured I would share a post that dives a little deeper into who I am so...here we go!


10 Things About Me:

1. My first name is actually Alfonso and I go by my middle name which is Scott. Ever since I can remember I was called Scott. Once people learn my first name they always try to call me by it but they tend to forget! I'll respond to both! 

2.  I love to freestyle. It seriously is one of my favorite things to do! Am I saying that I'm good at it? No. However, I still love to break out in flow from time to time hahaha. That or some random slam poetry with friends. Also, I figured this would be a good tie-in.  I love to dance & will break it down on the dance floor. I have a dream of being a hip hop dancer and plan to take a class this year to better my skill! 


3. Growing up my fashion sense was nothing like you see today. When I was in junior high I wore some sort of shirt that had a bible verse or Christian phrase. I pretty much funded the Christian bookstore in our town. Transitioning into high school I wore yellow or tan crocs every day & sometimes even with mix-matched socks. If you don't believe me check out the pictures below or ask my friends. Who knew I was such a trendsetter back then!


4. For most of my life, I lived in a town called Cut & Shoot, Tx. No lie that's the name and if you don't believe me...it's worth a google! (name the movie)

5. After college, I took a year off to do The World Race which is an 11-month mission trip to 11 different countries. It challenged me in my faith & my beliefs plus it opened my eyes to so many beautiful cultures & people. One of the biggest takeaways for me was that I walked away from the trip with some of my lifelong friends who I can share anything with! 


6. I used to have my hair down to my shoulders. I wanted to rock the man bun for awhile so I figured what better time to grow your hair out then when you are traveling for 11 months. I ended up keeping my hair long for almost a year after! (Who knows where the heart in the hair is from?)


7. When I was little I was a gymnast and tbh I was really good but I was super weak & I couldn't hold my chubby self up! I am not body shaming myself I am just being honest. I do however still tumble from time to time and can do a back handspring & back tuck! Here is a pic of me when I won first on vault...what's up! 


8. I have a huge love for Selena Gomez! I mean HUGE! I am not a new fan of hers, this dates back all the way to her days on Wizards of Waverly Place. My love for her isn't just your typical "Same Old Love" but this is an I can't keep my " Hands to Myself" kind of obsession. Wow, this is getting real deep. Hahaha.  Anways from time to time I even photoshop myself in pictures with her because I believe we'd be the perfect couple & I also find it hilarious. I hope to one day meet her because I do think we could be great friends! #GOALS. 


9. I am at the movies once a week. It never fails that my friend Chesney & I will go see a movie. There is something about sitting in a room with a big screen with random people that I like! I will even go by myself. It's an escape for me that I find relaxing and rejuvenating. 

10. I LOVE TO TRAVEL so I wanted to combine some facts together. 

- I hate to fly. I get very anxious when it comes to flying, it never fails. However, I have improved over the years & make it a point to drink a glass of wine before my flight. 

- Fun fact my first flight ever was to Dubai which was an 18hr flight from Houston! AHHH.

- I've been to 19 different countries & plan to continue to add to that list this year.

-A goal I've set for myself is to go out of the country at least once every year & this year I plan to up it to two! (below are pics of my travels) 


I hope this gives you more of an insight on who The Scott Perez is and can't wait to share more along the way! 

Comment below & share a little about you! 

Scott Perez