Men's Grooming W/ American Crew

Ever since I started making a point to style my hair I have been using American Crew. They were first recommended to me by a friend & after trying them out, along with a few other brands, I realized Amercian Crew was for me. Here are a few reasons why they stuck out to me was.


1. The smell: I know that may seem odd but some of the other brands I tried left me not enjoying the smell of my hair throughout the day. 

2. The quality: With American Crew, I can put some of their product in my hair & it will hold the entire day, which I had trouble finding in other products. 

3. The Branding: I am someone who loves the look of a label & a package. In my opinion, American Crew's package is done super sleek & sophisticated like the product they are promoting. I believe it even ties into the kind of man they seek to use their product. hahaha. not saying I'm sleek or sophisticated but that the packages match their target audience. 


Here is a quick guide to better understand which American Crew product is for you:

Fiber: If you are a guy with hair that you find hard to manage or style but would like to have it stay in place for hrs yet still look natural without shine. FIBER is your man!  High Hold, Low Shine

Defining Paste: If you like to style your hair a certain way but want to allow for your hair to fall naturally throughout the day then this one is for you. Medium Hold, Low shine.

Pomade: In my opinion Pomade has the highest shine out of them all. This was the first time I used it & I could see more of a gloss finish compared to the other Amercian Crew products I've used. Medium Hold, High Shine.

Boost Powder: This guy was fun to try out. The purpose with this one is to help bring more volume to your hair. & thickness.


With all that being said, I was super excited that I received a package from American Crew to try out some of their products I haven't before. Such as their "Revitalizing Toner" & "Boost Powder" After using them for the past month I have nothing but good things to say. However, I will mention that the "Boost Powder" isn't my cup of tea. The product it's self-works super well but I am a defining paste kind of guy. Which leads me to the last point in why I love American Crew. They do really well at providing options for many hair types. I have seen brands try to bring variety to their line to match every hair type and fail to do so but as for American Crew, I believe they hit the nail on the head. *pun intended* maybe! 


Anyways, if you haven't tried American Crew you should & if you have any questions let me know! 

Scott Perez