A New Way To Relax, Recover & Rejuvenate

I told myself that this year I was going to try a minimum of 1 new experience each month. For the month of January, I decided that I would try a Float Spa. I have seen videos of this before on Facebook & it has always intrigued me. I have never been someone who was afraid to be in small spaces, so I knew that I would one day want to try this out. 

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You might be asking yourself...what is a float spa? It's similar to a regular spa feel but with a twist. A float spa offers Sensory Deprivation Therapy to help aid your body in relaxation for the mind/soul plus healing from physical pain. I recently came across Healing Waters Float Spa in Houston & knew I had to try it. Right, when I walked in I could feel the stillness in the room. I was greeted by one of the owners, Cyrus, whose energy alone brought a sense of peace to the atmosphere. He introduced himself to me & began to share his heart & passion for the Healing Waters Float Spa. After speaking with him for a few minutes,  I was pumped to try it out! Cyrus' love for the float helped amp up my anticipation & I was ready to get my float on! 

#spa #float #massage #floatspa #relax #relaxation
#spa #float #massage #floatspa #relax #relaxation

I followed him into a room which was designated for me. As you walk in you see wood covering the walls, an open shower, & the main attraction, which is a hole in the wall with neon lights coming from inside. I won't lie I kind of felt like I was either going into the Upside Down or a really fun club. Cyrus walked me through the whole process of preparing for the float, the float itself, & the after float. 

#spa #float #massage #floatspa #relax #relaxation

The cabin you step into is filled with about 10 inches of water & 1,000 LBS of dissolved Epsom Salts. The water insides are set to a temperature of (93.5 F) which matches the temperature of your skin. After rinsing off in the shower & washing off all oils from your skin, you are ready to go! I stepped into the cabin & as I sat down letting my feet stretch out they instantly began to float in front of me. This felt so odd. Personally, I struggle with floating in a pool so feeling this was super strange.

Once you close the door to your cabin & lay completely on your back you then hear a voice come through the speaker. She instructs you that your float will begin soon & a few moments later the lights go out. The initial darkness was exciting. I was pumped & ready to see how this was going to go. As I lay on my looking up at a pit of darkness I slowly started to take deep breathes in and out allowing my body to feel more free & relaxed. I lay there legs stretched out & arms freely floating next to my head. The first few minutes were filled with my mind wandering about the tasks I had yet to complete, the plans I had that night, & what I would feel after I got out. I can't remember exactly at what point but I finally hit a place where the only thing I could hear was the sound of my heartbeat. Everything else seemed to fade away. In all honesty, it was strange because this was something my body hadn't experienced in a long long time. Complete & utter silence.

Even when you are in your room you can hear the noise of the A/C, the movement of a roommate, or the passing of a car. In here it was just you. It felt amazing. I slowly began to doze off & would fall asleep. I did, however, wake up because I heard the growling of my stomach. Word of advice if you do this come with something in your tummy. I hated that my mind would want to wander to the need for food but ultimately the stillness won the battle. After floating for what seemed like hrs. I finally awaken to the sound of women instructing me that the float was over & it was time to go. 

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I got out & rinsed off. Then made my way to the relaxation lobby where I made myself a cup of tea. This space is created for customers to come & continue to relax & just be. I wish I had more time here but I already was running late for dinner with friends. I kid you not though after leaving I felt AMAZING. My stature seemed to stand taller since as I floated the salt + water caused my back to lay completely straight. I even had an hr drive in Houston traffic to meet friends for dinner & I was the least angry with other drivers then I have been in a long time. I am such an anxious person when it comes to being late because I dislike it plus I get fomo of them being there without me. However, after the float, I was taking my time to get where I was going with not a care in the world. 

#spa #float #massage #floatspa #relax #relaxation

I truly loved this experience & have been telling my friends about it! I encourage you to check it out yourself. If you are in Houston check out Healing Waters Float Spa & if you aren't in Houston look up your local float spa. It'll be worth it trust me. If you have a fear of being enclosed in the cabin I would like to let you know that once you are in there it truly feels like you are floating in space. The room doesn't feel small at all! Ahh, cant wait to book another float soon!

If you have any questions let me know or reach out to Cyrus, the professional at Healing Waters Float Spa. In conclusion, this post is 100% my real opinion & not a paid post. I am trying things out myself & want to honestly share with my readers my experience. As always I encourage you to try it out yourself & form your own experience/opinion.

Stay true to you,
Scott Perez