Channel the Flannel

if you came here from my IG you’ll know that in my caption I was talking about how flannels are one of my favorite fall pieces. The reason for this is because they are able to be worn many ways whether button all the way up, open over a hoodie, or tied around your waist. They are quiet versatile and another added plus is they come in so many different colors. To be honest I typically stock up on about 10 different flannels throughout the season & wear them multiple days during the year. 


A key tool in fall/winter style is a thing called layering. You can go pretty far with your style if you continue to add layers on layers but unfortunately in Texas we’d sweat to death. Layering is a nice way to stay warmer but also allow yourself the ability to undress to your comfort level based on the temperature of your location. I wanted to show an example of this in my photo. Underneath I am wearing a shirt, the second layer is a hoodie, & the last is a flannel. My main source of protection from the cold would be from this hoodie, however topping it with this flannel adds an extra touch of color plus a layer of heat. This layer can easy be removed to allow myself to feel a bit cooler when stepping into say a coffee shop or work place after being outside. 


One of my go to shops for flannels is Old Navy. The reason for this is because they have soooo many options when it comes to design & colors. Plus a huge perk is that they aren’t over priced and it’s ghreag quality. Yes, I shop other places however the best bang for your buck is at Old Navy. In my opinion. You’ll be seeing many flannels from them on me in the fall.  


What are some of your go to fall pieces? Let me know below!  



Scott Perez