1 Year Blogging Anniversary

I am laying in bed in a hotel room where I typically end up between Tuesday-Thursday and I’m wide awake. My mind is everywhere as I am going through this past year & the year ahead. I am seriously blown away that I stuck to a blog/ Instagram content creation for a whole year...what the heck!! I’m amazed by the small little community I’ve been able to foster online & honored by the fact others have allowed me to play a role in their journey whether booking a trip, buying an outfit, or starting their own creative journey. 


I remember contemplating for months thinking about how I would love to share my creativity, my passion for traveling, photography & my taste in clothes with others. Never did I imagine that 18K people would be following along in a year. Holy cow! I’m seriously speechless.

I know there is so much I want to say but all that comes to my mind is a SMILE. 😁 I’m grinning ear to ear and it’s because of YOU. Whoever you are reading this I want you to know I’m thankful for you. Thank you for your support. It truly means the world to me!

I wanted to share with y’all a few goals I set for myself this year and the outcome after a year.

Here is a list I created with brands I’d hope to work with:

  1. Away; spoiler alert I have a project in the works with them for Nov. 🙌🏽

  2. Billy Reid; this collab didn’t happen however I had a great talk with their team & they’re wonderful!

  3. Veuve Clicqout; I was able to attend the Polo Classic with them in May.

  4. Hugo Boss; another spoiler alert. I have something coming up this month with them!

  5. Top Man; I was able to do a suit campaign with them early summer.

Here are a list of goals I hoped to achieve:

  1. Hit 20K on IG following; I am 2K short, however the loyal & genuine following I have built truly means the world to me.

  2. Meet some of my fav bloggers: @justivliv, @oliviarink, @iamgalla; Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet any of them. However, Justin did follow me on IG recently which no joke made my year! He is such an inspiration and one reason I started this!

  3. Go on one press trip; this didn’t happen however I was lucky enough to go on some pretty amazing trips from Banff, Tulum, Chicago, NYC, LA, San Diego & more.

  4. Attend the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic; this was such a BIG one for me! I love Veuve Clicquot as a brand & being able to attend the Polo Classic with them was a dream come true.

  5. Go to a festival with a brand; this also didn’t happen but to my surprise I was able to attend 2 concerts with a brand. In my book that’s a WIN!

A few people I want to thank

  1. My bff Chesney for always putting up with my crazy photo shoots & moments of insecurities. You always remind me to stay true to myself and to own who I am.

  2. My family. Although at times they didn’t/don’t fully understand what I’m trying to do they are always there to support me & encourage me.

  3. Dede Raad/Dress Up Buttercup. She encouraged me to do this blog and to step out to take a chance. She’s the sweetest and if you don’t follow her you should.

I am super eager to see where this next year takes me. One thing I’ve learned this year is to be YOU. Don’t conform to who others want you to be but just be genuinely & unapologetically yourself because people will gravitate to that. 😁 THANK YALL SOOO MUCH & here’s to year 2!


Before you go take a trip down memory lane with me as I share one photo from each month! I hope you enjoy & are excited to continue this journey together!  



Scott Perez

October 2017: A weekend trip with Dress Up Buttercup to Denver to shoot some Fall content for her blog & of course I got some shots.


November 2017: Shooting winter content with BoohooMAN. I loved the color of this sweater so much!


December 2017: This was my first attempt to do a blog series. This series was called “12 Days of Christmas” and to be honest it didn’t go as well as I would hope.


January 2018: This was my first collaboration with a local Texas float spa. It was unlike any experience I’ve had & I would 100% recommend it.


February 2018: This was my first ever actual collaboration with Old Navy. This photo was shared on their feed & I nearly died!!


March 2018: This month content was pretty slow because I had just started a full time job in February & the balance was tough for me to manage. However, my job did take me to cool places like New Orleans which is pictured!


April 2018: For years I talked about attending Coachella & this year I made it happen! This was one shot that I felt super proud of & thought I looked sooo cool!


May 2018: This month was so busy & I wasn’t mad about it. I was able to do some pretty fun things, however the most memorable was attending the Veuve Clicqout Polo Classic in NYC plus getting to work with Express for the suit.


June 2018: As I mentioned above, I was hoping to work with Top Man & this month I was able to. I was beyond thrilled to jump on their suit campaign & this suit was totally worth it!


July 2018: For a year now I have been wanting to visit Tulum so when my best friend Chesney told me she wanted to go for her b day, the answer was YES! I mean look at the picture below and tell me you wouldn’t want to go!


August 2018: First off, I LOVE this shot! Second, one reason I have enjoyed this journey is because I get to share it with important people in my life. This month I was able to attend the Charlie Puth concert with Sterling Vineyards & I got to bring my best friend along. She is a HUGE fan!


September 2018: My trip to Banff was unbelievable & seriously something out of a dream. I am a huge fan of snow & the day before I went I got word that it would be snowing. If the picture below doesn’t help you see why I was soooo excited then idk what will. It was breathtaking!


To be continued…..