Nashville, TN

I recently took a quick trip to Nashville and I was able to stay at the most amazing hotel. Union Station Hotel is a must stay when you visit Nashville. The architecture alone is enough to convince you but also the history behind it is so cool! One thing that I loved was that they mention a room in the hotel is Haunted by a woman. I'm not sure it is true but makes for a thrill when you stay plus explore around. Below I decided to add some pictures/recommendations spots from most recent & last trip to Nashville to help make a quick guide.


Nashville is a fun city & filled with great things to do. I have broken down this post with places I'd recommend eating, seeing, and things to do. 

Must Eats:

1.Hattie B’s: Spicy chicken is a staple in Tennessee and you can’t say you’ve been if you haven’t tried them

2.Five Daughters Bakery: If you love donuts, this is your place. So many options to choose from. Even for those on a diet. I tried a paleo diet and I must say it was delicious.

3.Franklin Juice Company: I LOVE ACAI BOWLS. I knew I had to go here and Franklin Juice Company did not disappoint. Their Hawaiian take on a Brazilian bowl was amazing!

4.Marche Artisan Foods: I did wait an hour to go to this place but it was a blast.  The Croissant French Toast is something you have to get when you are there. Also, take some great company because the wait allows for fun time to explore East Nash and get to know one another more.

5. Milk & Honey: This is a fairly new spot in Nashville and I loved the vibe. I only stopped in for a quick pop tart which was amazing!

6. Proper Bagel: A NYC style bagel shop in the south. Come here if you want to see all the things you can put on a bagel. My favorite thing about this restaurant was the fact you could sample different cream cheeses. Might sound odd but it’s a lot better than you think.



Places to grab coffee or a drink:

1.Old Glory: This was by far one of my favorite experience in Nashville. Old Glory is a speakeasy & it was given the name which means I’ve already said too much. Happy hunting for this sweet spot. Trust me, it’s worth the search.

2.Thompson House: This bar is a hip spot located on the top of a hotel in the Gulch. I highly suggest this spot as a drinking spot before a night out. The line began to form around 8 o’clock so I would suggest getting there around 7 to avoid a weight.

3.Three Brothers Coffee: Oh how I love coffee. I have a love for adventure and loved how three brothers were connected to an outdoor equipment shop. Plus I can’t pass up a cool photo spot. I encourage you to go here if you are looking for a sweet INSTA.

4.Barista Parlor: Of cousre, I gravitate to the aesthetically pleasing places and Barista Parlor did not disappoint. I loved the open concept and the unique take on coffee drinks they offer.


Things to do:

1.Pinewood Social: A one-stop shop. Go here to enjoy great good, awesome drinks, and bowling. Even in the summer, they have pools for people to sit by. I hear it gets pretty crowded so be ready to make some friends.

2.Broadway: Can you say you saw Nashville without a trip down Broadway? I don’t think so. Just a fair warning this isn’t your average night out. Especially those who are from LA, NYC, or even Austin’s 6th St. Broadway is definitely a country lovers heaven but don’t let that keep you. You will see many aspiring artists and hear amazing sounds. Who knows you may actually witness the next T-Swift and you wouldn’t want to say you missed that, now would you?

3.Sit somewhere and soak up the company: One thing I highly encourage is finding somewhere to sit and just be. Nashville is a place for that. You will quickly see it is not set up like your normal cities. With adventure around every corner. You will have time where you aren’t sure what to do next but I think that’s the beauty of Nashville. It’s still a small town vibe where you need to pull up a sit and get to know your neighbor a little more.

4.Visit Franklin: Franklin is a smaller town outside of Nashville worth driving to. It has many local spots and history that you will enjoy seeing and learning about.


If you have ever been to Nashville let me know below some of the things you loved doing when you were there!

Scott Perez