5 Ways To Beat Monday’s


I think Monday's get a pretty big bad wrap. It's easy to dread the start of the next work week but I've learned that it's easy to get stuck in the negative thoughts then seeing the bright side of things. Here are a few things that help me get through Monday. 

1. Speaking out what I am grateful for
 One thing I have been trying to do lately is starting my Monday's or day's being grateful for the opportunities & moments in my life. It's easy to want to dread the work week ahead but starting off positively can always help. A few things I have been grateful for lately has been a job that allows me to travel, friends who listen, and fun opportunities. How about you?

2. Coffee...
This is something I actually have been trying to hold off on but I am not succeeding. Find something for you that will help add that additional pep in your step to get this work week started.

3.  Plan something fun!
Monday's can easily fly by when you have something to look forward to after work. For some that may be planning a watch party for the new episode of the Bachelorette or, you might have an afternoon hang out with friends. Whatever it may be. Plan something you can look forward to that'll cure the Monday blues.

4. Run/ Be outside
One thing that has helped me over the years is finding time to be alone/outside. It is always a relief when I can walk around with fresh air listening to music or just being in peace. This is a great way to even start your week off in a relaxing way.

5. Sunday Sleep
I have found that in order to make Monday a little more enjoyable you need to start on Sunday. Yes, still have Sunday Funday but cut it a bit early. Allowing yourself to get that good night rest right before the start of a busy week is a great way to set yourself up for success. 

What is something you do to help Monday be a little more enjoyable? Let me know below!


Happy Monday! 

-Scott Perez