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I am sure many of you have heard the iconic quote spoken by Neil Armstrong "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Many people have their own take away from this quote but for myself I see it in a way that one small step could lead to out of this world possibilities. 


Just think about the amazing world changers out there that decided to take one small step & changed the world. Rosa Parks for example taking the step to not move from her seat & stand up for what she believed in or your favorite celebrity taking the step to chase their dream after many people told them they wouldn't make it. I know for myself that taking the first step can be very daunting. It's the fear, doubts, & insecurities that hold me back from moving forward in a career path, a create outlet, a relationship, or even something as small as a fashion choice. 


One example that comes to mind for me is this blog. I probably waited & dreamed for a year and a few months till I actually pressed live on my blog. I had the back-end all set up, multiple blog posts ready, & a mind filled with a ton of ideas. However, in my mind there were also many things telling me to not do it. Things such as "the market is saturated" "you won't stand out" "people will make fun of you", "you used to wear can you give fashion tips." All of these things if I'm honest could come true. I could not stand out, I could be made fun of, but it was I going to let that keep me from expressing myself? I decided the answer was no. Honestly, my blog started as a way for me to challenge myself in my writing. Grammar & punctuation isn't my strong suit & if you read this post you might still notice I am growing in that area. It was one day & a few pep talks later that I decided I was going to take a step & allow my words, thoughts, ideas, creativity, & a part of myself visible for the world to see.  


Now, almost a year later after my blog went live I can tell you that this one small step has turned into a giant leap of opportunities, experiences, & relationships. I have been able to collaborate with some amazing brands from Banana Republic, Suit Supply, & Verizon and I've been able to attend do amazing things like the Veuve Clicqout Polo Classic, stay in some of the nicest hotels, & see the most beautiful cities. However, the best thing in my opinion is yall. The sweet, supportive, & inspiring community of people who has gathered along side me to further validate that press "go live" on my blog was the best step I could have ever taken. I have been so moved by the encouragement, the inspiration, the kindness, & the humor that comes with the community I have fostered online.


The pullover I am wearing has NASA on it. If you didn't know NASA is based in Houston which is my home city. I typically, don't gravitate (see what I did there) to shirt with words on them. However, this one was a reminder to me of where I came from & to take the small steps. They are bigger then you know. 


What small step do you need to take?  


Scott Perez  


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