Ambassador Chicago | Chicago, IL


One of my favorite parts of a trip is the hotel/place you stay. Although I typically do my best to spend as much time out exploring, there is something wonderful about coming back to a nice room with comfortable sheets. When I am planning a trip to a city I typically spend a great amount of time researching before (mainly insta stalking) hotels in the area. Of course one of my main requirements is the look because I am a sucker for aesthetically pleasing places, but my second thing is location. When it came to booking my stay in Chicago I couldn't have been more pleased with the location of Ambassador Chicago. It's located right near Old Town & only a small walk to Lake Michigan. From the hotel you are able to easily walk to the Magnificent Mile & right down into the heart of the city. 


 I was instantly attracted to Ambassador Chicago because of it's story. The hotel was one of the original boutique hotels in Chicago in 1926 & housed a very popular & well known restaurant called Booth One. The restaurant is still there today & I'll go into it a bit later. The building has been refurbished yet still has many of the unique touches that were there from the beginning. I have such a love for spaces that have been around for years and still used till this day. 


 As i mentioned above Booth One was the popular restaurant back in the 20th & 21st century that housed many top celebrities. The reason for the name is because in the restaurant the Booth One is designated strictly for celebrities. No one else was allowed to sit there back in the day. Even when you go there now they still have the booth & they don't sit people there. Of course when I heard this I had to make sure I got a picture in the booth. haha. It's what I do best. In the photo you'll see me holding a phone. The reason for the phone was because back in the day they had to only use landline (can you believe) & they would have one phone designated for those in booth one. I feel like I could keep going on about this but I want to get to the food. AHH, was it delicious. 


Here is what I got: 


 I would highly recommend you visit the restaurant even if you don't stay at the hotel. The cocktails were made very well & the food was savory. 


Two things I want to highlight about Ambassador Chicago are


 1. They have bikes you can rent. This is such a convenient thing in Chicago. I loved getting to bike the city the first time I visited & it was great having a bike on had to use at the hotel. The bike is first come first served so make sure to ask if it's something you would like to use. Be warned there is a bush outside near the hotel that would like you to fall in it. haha. I seriously was having the hardest time gettin go the bike. Maybe one to many cocktails...just kidding, but I did actually fall & it was hilarious. 


2. The rooftop. Being the sneaky guy I am, I asked around at the hotel & found someone who would let me up at the rooftop. This space is designated for events & weddings but I want to mention it for those who live in Chicago so they can plan an event there. Even if you are just visiting take the time to be friend the staff & see if they will let you up there! It's always worth a shot for a beautiful view. 


All to say I enjoyed my stay at Ambassdor Chicago & can't wait to stay again! Enjoy more pictures of my stay below. If you are looking to visit Chicago I would highly recommend this hotels plus I have additonal recommendations for things to do. DM or email me and I will send them your way! 



Scott Perez