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I can’t tell y’all how excited I am for cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong I love summer but it’s time for a change. I am excited to see the leaves change & be able to wear fall/winter clothes. Not only that, I love seeing people in winter clothes. Idk why but ever since I can remember that is something I’ve enjoyed. I truly think it’s because there is such a variation of what you can do with fall fashion that people really let their own creativity come alive. As usual most people pick what they wear for them however, in the fall I get a greater sense of every piece representing who they are. I’m not sure if it’s the winter weather shocking their body to be a bit more adventurous or if it’s the endless possibilities you can have with just one sweater or a jacket.


One of the looks I typically rock in the winters is probably a winter causal look. What I mean by this is grab a pair of jeans, boots, a long sleeve, & add a jacket…BOMB, there you have it. This is what I wear typically in the fall/winter. The reason for this is because I truly value being comfortable over anything. Especially in Texas you will have a morning where it’s super cold then by the evening you are wanting to jump in a pool. One of my key investments ever season is a good solid jacket. When I walked into Old Navy to shop the other weekend I instantly was drawn to this Olive colored army jacket. I knew this would be something I could wear with multiple looks & on the plus side it had multiple pockets, which I love having my wallet somewhere other than my pants. Tbh I hate it in my back pocket so these huge pockets were a huge win!


Second, I went with a thermal crew neck with a simple stripe. The reason I picked this was because although it’s still simple the stripe adds a little bit of detail to the look. If you’ve followed along with me till now you can see I typically like solids or some short of patterned button down. When it comes to Fall I am a huge advocate for staple pieces & the reason for that is because you can mix & match it with so many outfits. You can do this so much that people will still be believing it was the first time you ever wore it!


Lastly, I always want to make sure I have some comfortable & dependable jeans. If I am honest, I hate wearing pants. I always feel like they are keeping me from living my fullest life. However, in the fall/winter I have no choice. So my key thing is comfort. I have even found myself purchasing a pair of pants in all their provided colors just because I love how they feel. No shame in that game, everyone!


I am super super excited for cooler weather & I am actually off to somewhere that will be perfect for this look. If you saw on Instagram I mentioned that I was going somewhere cold well….this weekend I will be in Banff, AB. AHHHHHHH, I have been wanting to go here for awhile & I am super excited. I checked the weather and it’s even projected to snow which would truly be magically.

I hope everyone has an amazing week & you can shop this look in the scroll bar below!

p.s if you came from Instagram to see where I was going leave me a comment so I know!


Scott Perez

*this post is sponsored by Old Navy & all my opinions are my own.