the DOUGLAS Hotel-Vancouver

As many of you saw on IG I was in Vancouver this past week and man did I have a blast! From heading up to Whistler to exploring all the cute coffee shops! I truly enjoyed my time and can’t wait to come back. The weather was pretty intense this week as it did rain quite a bit but that just gave me more of an excuse to go around and eat my way through the city! During my stay I partnered with the Douglas Hotel & let me tell was amazing! I wanted to share with y’all some high points! 


1. The bar + secret room: There is something about a well designed marble bar that immediately steals my heart. I can easily find myself sitting hrs on end in a well curated space and be perfectly content. If you find yourself stay or visiting the DOUGLAS hotel I encourage you to check out the book case, you might find something really cool. That’s all I will say!


2. The bathroom: You all know my love for bathrooms. It may seem odd but the #1 thing I look for when I stay somewhere is the look of the bathroom & let me tell you the DOUGLAS didn’t disappoint. So of course, in typically Scott fashion I had to have a mini photo shoot! Plus the hotel uses AESOP products which what could get better than that! 


3. The staff: from the moment I arrived the staff was very friendly and eager to help! I remember one morning asking for recommendations for the nearest and best places to eat & the receptionist knew exactly where to send us! That’s one thing I appreciate about a staff is the ability to provide not only any recommendations but awesome local hidden gems!

if you find yourself heading to Vancouver I highly recommend the DOUGLAS as it’s perfectly located near downtown and upcoming areas in the city! Plus how could you not when the elevator looks this cool! 😝 Also, feel free to comment below or email me if you need any Vancouver recommendations! As always! Remember to stay try to you!  



Scott Perez