Express Your Love


First off, if you’re reading this Happy Valentine’s Day & I hope you remember you’re LOVED. When thinking about how people show love I can’t help but think about the 5 LOVE languages. If you haven’t heard about these I encourage you to look them up but, finish this post as I’ll touch on them a bit. What has been helpful for me in learning the 5 Love languages has been that we all receive and express LOVE differently. Learning how someone close to you receives love is so important whether it’s a mate or a friend. You may thrive when you receive encouraging words from your friends, however giving encouraging words to your friends may not make them feel loved. They may feel more loved if you hang out with them once a week. Understanding how we each express and receive LOVE will help in each of our relationships. We will be able to let one another know what we expect in LOVE and what LOVE we need to give in return.


1.Acts of Service: By this I mean doing things you know will make the person in your life happy, less stressed, or smile. Example; you know your roommate is a neat freak and they prefer to have the house all together. This may be something you could careless about. However, showing them LOVE by taking an afternoon to clean the whole house and taking this burden from them will show them you care. This is a small act of service that will make their day or even week.


2. Quality Time: This one can look different for different people. I had a friend once that when we would just be sitting in the same room together they felt like we were hanging out and growing our friendship. However, for most quality time looks like hanging out and giving that person your undivided attention. I know in the age of cell phones this can be hard as you want to refresh your feed, but take time to disconnect & connect with those in your life that desire your friendship & time.


3. Receiving Gifts: Presenting someone with a gift helps them to see that you thought of them and that you were willing to go out of your way to give them something tangible as a way to say I LOVE YOU. For Valentines’s you will see many people do this in a form of candy or roses which is nice, but even the idea of randomly bringing home something from a trip that made you think of your BFF will go a long way. Plus when they see this that will be reminded of the friendship you share together!


4. Words of Affirmation: 100% this is my top love language right in front of quality time. Words are a HUGE communicator of LOVE in my book. For me words in the form of constructive criticism can look like LOVE to me as I know the other person is trying to build me up into the best version of myself. However, most of the time the words of affirmation people refer to look like “Thank you” “I appreciate you” “You are doing a great job” “You mean so much to me & I value you.”


5. Physical Touch: This is a powerful way of communicating emotional love. A simple kiss from someone can help you experience the weight of how much you mean to them. In moments of turmoil, a hug or a hand to hold can relieve your stress or anxiousness. Studies have even proven that at a young age children who have received physical touch from parents in forms of hugs, pats on the back & kisses will go on to live a healthier emotional life. I remember having a friend where her partners love language was physical touch and in moments where they were in big setting she would make it a point to randomly put her hand on his leg to let him know she is there & that she is thinking of him even in a huge setting.


If you are interested in learning more about your LOVE language take the quiz:

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