#CivicintheCity X Scott Perez

Earlier on this month I was given the amazing opportunity to partner with Honda to test drive their new 2019 civic in New York City. Before I get into what the experience was like I want to say thank you so much to the Honda team for choosing me to be apart of this & for seeing the value in the content & stories I enjoy creating! This truly will be a moment I will never forget!


The main purpose of this trip was for myself and a few other content creators to experience driving the new 2019 Honda Civic around New York City. The Honda team came up with the FUN idea to add in a little friendly competition during our drive. The requirements were that throughout our day we would have to create IG story content that would highlight at least 5 out of the 6 categories:

  • Civic is savvy

  • Civic is smart

  • Civic is sporty

  • Civic is stylish

  • Civic is spacious

  • Civic is significant

Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, throw in NYC traffic, honking horns, a slight mishap which causes you to land in New Jersey, & let me know how you feel! Before heading off the Honda team reminded us that this little friendly competition did come with a prize! The winner of the competition, based on the pre-established criteria, would win $5,000 to the charity of their choice! Something many may not know about me is that I am very competitive and if there is money on the line…you best believe I want to win!

Flat Iron Building.png

Once we pulled away from the Ace Hotel, which is where everyone was staying, I felt all forms of emotions from excitement to nerves. I wasn’t 100% sure how I was going to cram in all this content plus drive around NYC, but thankfully I had my best friend Chesney with me so we could brainstorm & also laugh when things got crazy. The other thing I was thankful for were the recommendations given to us by y’all on where to go & must see places in NYC.

Below I am going to walk you through our day with some still images from the videos shared for the Honda #civicinthecity competition.

  1. Civic is savvy. We started our day by using the Apple Play to get us to Washington Square park. Apple play is a feature which by connecting you phone through a USB it will project your phone onto the screen allowing you to use Siri to send texts, change songs, map you somewhere or answer your calls.


2. Civic is Stylish. We then pulled over for a quick outfit change in order to match the sleek & stylish look of the new Honda Civic. We wanted to make sure we looked our best as we were off to the Flat Iron building to snap a quick photo.


3. Civic is sporty. It was then time for lunch which the Honda team had set up a delicious burger spot for us to visit outside the city. This was the perfect opportunity for us to put the Civic into sport mode and take it for the ride it deserves. It was such a beautiful day in New York, which we were thankful for since the days before it was storming. We were able to drive up the Hudson River with the sun roof down & the music up!


4. Civic is spacious. With these stories the Honda team wanted us to be a bit creative. I thought to myself what better way to show people that a trunk is spacious then to get in it! Funny enough it was very comparable to the size of a NYC apartment! hahah. kidding!


5. Civic is Smart. This by far was my favorite story to shoot. Chesney & I kept trying to brainstorm how we could show the side camera feature. We were running out of time so we decided to make a simple video where I was talking about the cameras & showing how it worked. We were pulling up to the hotel & I thought “wait…we can do this.” We kept driving and it hit me! KIKI DO YOU LOVE ME! I remember people dancing to this song along side a car with the door open, well what if I put the Honda Civic remix to it and used the side camera instead. That’s exactly what we did and it was sooo funny!


At the end of it all we were exhausted. It was time for a nap and then a quick touch up before heading to dinner with the Honda team. In typical Scott fashion, I began to creep on the other content creators stories because I always like to be challenged and inspired. Man, they showed up to win! I was super impressed by their cinematography, engagement, and angles of their stories! Walking into dinner that night and waiting for them to announce the winner I can honestly say I didn’t expect it to be me! When the announcer read off my name I was genuinely shocked, honored, & thankful. I say this will all my heart that the experience alone made it for me but to know that $5,000 was being donated to the End It Movement, which is a cause that has been on my heart, made it that much better! :)

As a whole this trip & expereince with Honda was absolutely wonderful. The whole team was so kind to us and it meant the world to me! I know they were all so impressed with us but I was equally impressed by them! One of my favorite things is to speak with people who are passionate about what they do. When I meet people who are so knowledgeable & inspired by what they do it blows me away! Their whole team had that fire in them and it made my respect for the brand as a whole grow!


Before I sign off I wanted to answer a few questions I received while on the trip:

Why would they pick New York City for you to drive in? - I will be completely transparent with you that I wasn’t sure about this at first and I was honestly pretty worried when it came to driving in NYC. However the reason for the drive in city is because every year New York City is the host to one of the biggest auto shows in the country. Many different brands gather together to showcase their new models, what they have in the works, & many cars are put on display! Of course Honda being the huge brand it is, attend the event & decided to add in a new twist to their visit.

What was your favorite feature of the car? - My favorite feature would have to be the side cameras that helps in aiding the driver when it comes to blind spots. The camera is only on the right side since this side is more prone to blind spots!

Were there any spots you wish you would of seen? - Yes, one of them was the Hudson Yards. Funny story; were on our way to Hudson Yards when we realized we were in a turning lane only that was leading to the New Jersey tunnel. This took about 45 mins-1 an 1/2 hrs from our time, but it made for a good laugh & jam session!

How did you manage a shot in from of the Flat Iron? - Basically, I feel the vibe of NYC is that you know where you’re going and if not you fake it till you make it. On top of that, I think to myself, what hasn’t this city seen honestly, so we just pulled over into a lane meant for a hotel & just put on the flashers and went at it! Truthfully, I think it was WORTH IT because I love that shot!

Did you get to keep the car? - YES….no unfortunately, I had to return the keys that afternoon. It was bittersweet since I wanted to keep the car but I also wanted to not drive in NYC any longer.

What made you pick the End it Movement as your charity? The reason I picked the End it Movement as my charity was because back in high school/college I would attend the Passion Conferences almost every year in Atlanta. While I was there, plus as I did my 11 month mission trip out of college, I saw a huge problem with human trafficking. It has always been on my heart especially since Houston is a huge hub for sex trafficking. Since that is where I call home I wanted to have the money go to a cause that pulled on my heart strings, felt close to home & so I picked it!

Thank you so much for reading & once again thank you so much to the Honda team for the out of this world experience!


Scott Perez