5 Ways To Be A Happy and Healthy You

Truth be told I am not a health guru, but I am someone who tries to focus on staying healthy throughout the year and especially during the holidays. I find my self-stressing out often & feeling overwhelmed. I tend to put a lot on my plate & then feel as if I am up to my head with projects. This stress & lack of sleep leads to feeling sick so I have been trying to make it a point to put these things into practice to be a happier & healthier me. These steps may seem a bit hard at first, but once you put something into practice daily it becomes very natural. 


1. MOVE// I tend to find myself behind a computer screen most days typing away and editing pictures. When I am not doing that I am in the car on my way to do some type of activity. I have found it very beneficial for me to spend time outside & exercising. I'm not talking about hardcore weight lifting, but just 30mins to an hour outside daily with some fresh air. 


2. WATER// I drink tons & tons of water. I know a few people who hate water, but for me, it actually is something I enjoy. By keeping water as a big part of my day to day I have found myself with more energy, better skin, and even signs of weight loss. DRINK UP! 

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3. STILLNESS// I am almost always on the go & have found it difficult to find time for myself. I will be honest & tell you that this one is super hard for me. It's a challenge to be still since I love talking, interacting, creating and working on something. I have found this step very important in how I perform daily. Some ways I have found myself being still are waking up early & enjoying a quiet breakfast alone, putting on soft music and just sitting, & also just sitting down on my bedroom floor in silence. I recently tried the 7- Minute Breathing Practice mentioned by Dave Coast. It truly helped my day start off on the right foot with less stress & less added pressure. I highly encourage you to try it with me as I am beginning to do it again. Here is the video: BREATHE


4. PEOPLE// I believe this one is super important. I believe who you surround yourself with & the interactions you have daily help shape you as a person. Relationships & friendships are founded on LOVE & I believe that positive source helps people chase after dreams, goals, challenges, and daily struggles. Take time to evaluate the relationships in your life and really see if they are bringing a positive energy to your life or adding additional stress. Find people who you can laugh with, be yourself with, and challenge you to be the best you! This is very important and can help bring refreshment to your life! 

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5.  SELF AWARENESS// I one hundred percent believe self-awareness is important to a happy & healthy you. The reason is, as you begin to understand yourself better you are able to recognize patterns of when you are being toxic to yourself & others. I've learned that the faster I recognize that I am tired, hurting, or needing a break. Then the faster I can begin recovering & getting back to pouring out greatness & positivity into those around me! I am even learning the importance of saying "NO" & how that self-awareness is helping my body find rest & rejuvenation. I believe self-praise is important as well. For example, I have grown tremendously in this area but I do not negate the fact that I still need to improve. All to say, I think we all could grow in this together and the world would see great fruit from it! 

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Let me know in the comments some ways or things you do to keep yourself happy & healthy! I am always up to trying new things and exploring new practices! p.s. you can shop my look below! 

Remember to stay true to you,
Scott Perez