Casual vs. Dressed Up Wedding Attire

First off, I want to say congratulations to all those who got engaged this holiday season. It really is exciting & I wish you the best with all the wedding prep. I just attended a wedding last weekend & I have a few lined up for 2018. I figured it'd be nice to share a causal vs dressed up wedding look in case you may need some inspiration for yourself or your man!

One thing that I love to do is buy staple pieces that I can use in multiple ways. If you see below I use the same coat & dress shoes for the casual & dressed up looks. This helps to lower the cost of an outfit plus will keep you from having a super full closet. 

Gentlemen, you if you have yet to purchase a black tux I highly encourage you to do so but if it's not in your budget there is this awesome company called The Black Tux that offers rentals. It's a pretty cool concept. You will select the tux you'd like, you will receive it for free to see how it fits then you send it back for any alterations, then once everything is good to go you have a few days to wear it for your event! It's super easy & I highly recommend it. This also if great for any guys or girls looking to set up the groomsmen with matching suits without breaking their bank. 

Truthfully, I love a casual tee with a coat. I believe it screams sophisticated yet relaxed & is my go-to when it comes to casual dinner parties, weddings, or work events. However, there is something I love about going all out on my suit & tie shizz. hahah. 


VSCO Cam-11.jpg



there will be more to come in 2018 with wedding etiquette, gift ideas, how to be the wedding hype man, & some of my wedding tricks! :) 

stay true to you,
Scott Perez