City Guide | Denver, CO

The little taste of Denver I got was so great. I love the feel of the city. Not only the weather but the relaxed- hometown friendly vibe. There is so much life & activity which fuels my heart for the outdoors. Denver or should I say Colorado as a whole does active/outdoor living well. I know I am going to have to make my way back because there was so much I still need to see/do.


DAY ONE in Denver looked like driving around the city & looking at all the beautiful leaves & pretty walls. I was lucky enough to find myself in Colorado due to a spontaneous work trip. Thankfully the work involved exploring Denver & making fun memories with a friend. Work hard, play harder. That evening we went to dinner at Avanti which is a super cool collective eatery with multiple food options & craft beers. I decided to go with the Brava! pizza which was delicious but if I had to do it again I would get Quiero Arepas because I had a bite & it was AWESOME!


Day Two is the day I make sure I have everytime I go to a new city. I always like to explore once on my own. There is something so exciting to me about having no agenda and just going wherever my heart/feet take me. I started the day with a Rush Bowl which was a great healthy fuel starter. Truthfully, it was your average acai bowl but I love them so of course I got one. I then began my journey throughout the city. I stopped at this nice men's clothing store called Armitage McMillan which had a very Manready Mercantile feel. I was able to meet the owner & hear a bit about his passion for men's clothes & their upcoming fall line! They carry some really cool menswear brands so check them out. After that, I made my way to Union Station, which is phenomenal. From the architecture to the aesthetic inside they knew that Union Station would be a hit. It was super busy on Friday when I went but I would highly suggest carving out time to sit & enjoy food or a drink inside. 

Anytime you walk around a city you begin to work up & appetite and the urge to grab a drink. I made my spot at Tap Fourteen where I got a Mockery Magnum: Pineapple & Blonde Denver beer. It did not disappoint and did the perfect job at bringing refreshment. The reason I chose Tap Fourteen was because of their rooftop bar, which is another must for me when visiting the city, as well as they, have 70 craft beers made in Denver. I love trying a beer from each place a visited so Tap Fourteen allowed me to hit two of my non-negotiables in one stop. I then made my way to grab a lite bite at Kachina which is this southwestern grill. Lucky for me my southern charm scored me a free desert pear margarita which I paired with some guac & chips. I'd like to mention that after this drink I realized a thing in Denver called altitude which causes you to feel alcohol more than you would here in Texas. Haha. 


Day Three my friend Casey & I took a day trip to Boulder which I 100% recommend and even would say stay there. It is a cute little town filled with fun small/big named shops & great food/drink spots. The whole time I couldn't help but think of The Chainsmokers song "Closer" but it's fine cause "we are never getting older." I am cheesy...yes, I laughed at this. Anyways, the views in Boulder are breathtaking & I highly recommend scheduling a time to hike. I didn't have enough time due to the fact I had to hurry back to hop on a train to the airport. I did, however, see the flat irons which was so pretty!


Unfortunately/fortunately for me I didn't get the chance to experience any hotels while I was in Denver but I did walk into two that I believe would be on the top of my list for places to stay. They were NATV Hotel & The Mavin hotel. They both were just on the inside of downtown which made walking to different areas of Denver very accesable. I am not super familiar with the area after being there only 3 days but these are the top areas I heard about LoDo (lower downtown), LoHi (lower highlands), Baker, Washington Park, Five Points, or RiNo (River North). 


There is still so much of Denver to see & more I would like to share. Feel free to comment or message me for any suggestions not mentioned in this post, but I have a feeling I will be creating a Denver 2.0 guide sometime soon. 

I hope if you are reading that you find your way to Colorado soon and I hope you find this helpful! 

Stay true to you,

Scott Perez