Hotel Alessandra | Houston, TX

I can't remember the last time I was in Houston for the weekend. This past month has been filled with many adventures & I can't complain. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to have a staycation & check out one of Houston's newest hotels Hotel Alessandra. It's located in Downtown Houston, right near Green Street which is a fun area for shopping, eating and live outdoor activities. 

Right when I walked into the hotel I was mesmerized by the staircase leading up to a marble wall, which is my favorite. The whole hotel had this modern feel with splashes of gold, green and black/white marble. I was definitely excited to stay & explore. 

Room 5.jpg

Honestly, if you look at the pictures of the room I believe it speaks for itself. I was in love with the setup and the design. Its been awhile since I've walked into a hotel and thought "Hmmm, can I move in?" I will point out a few things that I loved about the room. 

1. The bathroom was perfect! Not only the look of it but the shower was huge & had its own stool for you to sit on. I mean this may be personal but I often sit in the shower and just think to myself; so this was perfect to me. Another great thing, was the separation of the shower and the toilet. They each had their own door, which I appreciated.

2. They had built-in USB plugins on the nightstand. I didn't have to get up from my bed to grab my phone while it charged. As I write this I realize how lazy I sound being happy about sitting in the shower and a USB plug right by my bed. Haha. Anyways, it's the little things. 

3. Last, but not least, probably the most important when sleeping somewhere else...the bed! It was super comfortable and I couldn't even keep my eyes open when I layed on it! It was so soft that I even took a video falling onto it because it didn't hurt. I love me a soft bed. I mean I still think mine is the best, but they did amazing at trying to beat it! 

Amenities: The spa was by far my favorite part of the amenities they offered. The general manager was super helpful and very knowledgeable about the products & services they provide. I loved that she allowed me to ask as many questions as I wanted without ever looking annoyed. I tend to ask a alot especially when I have never had a facial before and I was about to get a hydra facial.

There were two things the Spa by Hotel Alessandra offered that captured my attention. First, it isn't exclusive to hotel guest. You can actually come visit the spa as a local, which is pretty cool. Second, they have a deal for people working in the area. There is a package which I believe is called the 'Healthy Hour' where you pay a fee & will receive a 30 min massage plus a meal 'to go' from the hotel restaurant. They know many people don't have time to take out of there busy schedules to focus on relaxing, so this helps people use some of their lunch break to relax yet fill their stomachs. I love the idea and encourage anyone in Downtown to check it out. 

As for the hydrafacial...DO IT! It was such a cool experience and weirdly relaxing. You wouldn't think so since the machine is sucking up all the junk on your face but something about knowing you are going to look fresh made me relaxed. I kid you not, I had multiple people comment on the glow of my face and after I got done my face legit felt like a baby's. 

Unfortunately, there was a cold front in Houston so I was unable to check out the pool. I did go explore around it and it was great! The view was cool and would make for an awesome hangout spot to relieve yourself from the Texas heat.  I, for sure, am coming back to check it out when it's hot again. 

Dining: The restaurant inside Hotel Alessandra is called Lucienne since we already had dinner plans I didn't get to enjoy the food but the aesthetic of the restaurant did enough for me to come back. It definitely is a fancier spot & the price is higher than your normal meal out, but I believe it would be perfect for a date night, a staycation dinner, anniversary, & even a fun friends/family dinner party. 

We decided to grab a few drinks & a light bite at the hotel bar called Bardot before we went out for our dinner reservation. I decided to get an Old Fashioned & after seeing me take multiple pictures of my drink the bartender decided to make some of his martinis for us to sample & photograph. I mean I was down because it called for free drinks. I would 100% come back here to start off the night. It was quiet, priced well and had a great atmosphere. 

Old Fashion.jpg
Apple Martini.jpg
Bar Seating.jpg

Overall, my stay at Hotel Alessandra was amazing. It was my first time ordering room service which was so easy to do. They have an I-Pad next to your bed where you can view the menu, select your items and view your bill all from the comfort of your bed! I was a happy camper sitting in my robe, watching Will & Grace as I drank my coffee & ate my morning breakfast. 

Now it's your turn to check them out! This is one of my top picks for places to stay in Houston whether you are looking to do a staycation, traveling for work or on vacation!

Dede & Scott .jpg
Front Entrance.jpg

Appreciate all of you who took time to read this and a BIG THANK YOU to Hotel Alessandra & Studio Communications for having me.

*as always all opinions are my own and I encourage everyone to check them out & create your own! :) 

stay true to you,

Scott Perez