Hey y'all! I'm Scott Perez. I am currently living near Houston, TX. I spend most of my time listening to music, daydreaming about adventures, talking to my friends, taking pictures and laughing through this thing we call life.

I believe life is meant for connection and being examples of LOVE. I hope this blog can be used to encourage adventure, challenge your thoughts, inspire creativity & communicate that we all have a story worth sharing. My desire for this blog is to bring authentic content and to have fun along the way.

Here are a few things that have my heart; conversations with people, jam sessions in the car, cold brew coffee, photography, traveling the world, being creative, laughter, Selena Gomez, and my Faith.

Thanks for being here and joining me on this journey! I love getting to know people, so don't hesitate to reach out & share your story. 


Remember to be true to who you are,

Scott Perez